The Acne Practice
  The Acne Practice was created to address the challenges that arise in the treatment of persistent Acne. Across all genres of medical and healing practices, this chronic condition has been riddled with relapse, fear, and frustration. The failure rate has been masked by years of massive promotion of acne solutions which often deliver unfulfilled promises to those who are suffering the most. These broken promises have created many common misconceptions about acne that this breakthrough practice intends to clear up.

  Throughout the last several decades, one acne treatment that has shown acceptable success rates is a powerful oral medication called isotretinoin. Although very powerful, It's numerous short term and possible long term side effects make it a less desirable option for many health conscious individuals. Other popular oral and topical treatments have only had success in varying degrees and have thus established a wary new trend in the treatment of acne. A game of trial and error in which patients often become their own unsuccessful practitioners and, months later, find themselves in a deeper spiral of failure. Along with the failure rate is a rising consciousness and anxiety about the types of oral medications we are putting in our bodies. In a world where patients are seeking more natural and holistic ways of healing, acne has proven to be a very difficult challenge.

  As a former chronic acne sufferer and Board Certified Physician, Dr. Neal has made it his mission to prove to the world that all cases of acne are rapidly treatable and preventable with or without the use of oral medications. This project is especially important for the many acne sufferers who have already failed powerful oral medications and are now left with a desperate feeling that they have exhausted all options. Our passion and mastery have resulted in a staggering success rate and we are proud to share the largest and most detailed acne gallery ever assembled.

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"The Extended Practice"

  After becoming extremely successful with our Acne Bootcamp program in New York, it became obvious that this new technology and methodology would need to be shared with the rest of the world.

  The "Home Version" was created with the same powerful, non-irritating, exclusive products used in the office. The products come with specific instructions and Dr. Neal makes himself available to guide clients by email and phone if necessary.

  Since Dr. Neal does not have the same physical and psychological surveillance over the patients in the Home Version, there is a greater responsibility placed on clients to follow instructions properly and to seek Dr. Neal's online help if their case is not progressing rapidly as planned. The system is designed so that all concerns are precisely resolved in a time-senstive manner. The most important mission of the video gallery and the bootcamp program is to show the world that any form or severity of acne can be rapidly cleared and prevented with or without oral medications. The high-definition video gallery on the home page was created to illustrate this reality. Hopelessness in regards to the condition of acne has become unacceptable.

In 2013, the new video-interactive robot now guides all clients through the detailed program daily.

How it Works